Waikiki Marketplace, 2310 Kuhio Ave, Waikiki


Not a Steinway but a well-tuned Kawai upright piano for all to play.

Property of EbiNomi but no purchase is required to play.


Good food for your body.  Great music for your soul.



Piano hours:

11 am to 9 pm

(closed 2 to 5 pm)


Please review these common sense rules when playing the piano.

    World's first piano equipped with a rear view mirror (for the safety of the pianists in case of a ninja attack from behind).    


Piano party / Reservation


This piano can be reserved in advance for private parties for our guests who want to have a little gathering - enjoy some good food and play some music.  Like karaoke but without the sometimes annoying singing.


Covid-safe outdoor environment. 


Please text Macy Yamamoto and make the arrangement

425 998 7722
































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