We are all about shrimp....



We are primarily a quick-service, take-out restaurant.  But we have a very nice and cozy courtyard with our own tables and chairs (sanitized regularly) for our guests to dine-in.


With Covid-19, dining outdoor with fresh air is much safer than cooped up in an enclosed dining room, regardless of how fancy it is.



We source only select, premium jumbo shrimps, and we serve them headless, deveined, peeled, and cooked "just right" to preserve the crunchy texture of the shrimps.



All our dishes are cooked to order according to recipes developed from a host of international cuisines.  





























Keeping a small menu


Focus on only a handful of items and do them really well rather than being mediocre in too many items with a large menu.


We offer good value but do not compromise by using cheap ingredients.  Our guests can tell the difference.



Use good stuff

Wholesome is awesome


For as much as possible, we use fresh, natural/organic ingredients.  We try our best to keep processed ingredients to a minimum and we do not use MSG.


As much as possible, we avoid the use of plastic.  95% of our consumables is biodegradable.  We do NOT use Styrofoam at all.



Being earth friendly

Keeping a happy crew


We compensate our staff fairly and treat them well.  If they are happy they do a better job.  They are our ambassadors to the public.  No Gordon Ramsays here.


We welcome feedback from our guests.  Already we have tweaked some of our recipes based on local preferences and tolerance levels.



Listening to feedback

A clean and organized kitchen


Clean food cannot be produced in a dirty kitchen.  We take pride in keeping our kitchen spotless.  Not only does that ensures food safety, it is also good for our staff's morale, everyone likes to work in a clean workplace.


Efficiency requires organization.  We are big on mise en place.




























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