EbiNomi is looking to expand and now actively seeking joint-venture partners.

We believe we have developed a solid eatery concept that is universally appealing.





Since we have started operations in May 2020, we have served tens of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. 


Many wished they had an EbiNomi in their hometown.  And many thought EbiNomi is a franchise and had asked about investment opportunities. 


We are now ready to entertain such offers.  Please send an email to stewartc@ebinomi.com and let's start the conversation?




What is EbiNomi?


EbiNomi is not simply an eatery or a restaurant.  It is a retail business whose commodity is "food".  Whereas we care about putting out top quality products for the end users, our focus is the systems and methodology behind the operation.




What are our goals in seeking investment partnerships?

We believe that we have developed a sound and simple eatery concept that can be easily and efficiently replicated. 


Good food is appreciated everywhere, by everyone of all races and beliefs, unrestricted by borders or cultures. 


Besides the obvious goal of profitability for ourselves and our partners.  Our goal is to see the EbiNomi brand and concept grow elsewhere in the world.  Like, dare we say Starbucks?  Except with tasty, refined and wholesome foods.


We cannot do all this by ourselves.  So we need partners onboard to realize that dream.




EbiNomi on TV

Hawaii News Now - Sunrise

December 30, 2023



Best of Hawaii in 3 different categories



Top FIVE Asian Fusions restaurants in Honolulu.  Alongside celebrity chefs Roy Yamaguchi and Masaharu Morimoto.



Happy customers





4.7 Stars on Google

4.6 Stars on Yelp



5.0 Stars on Tripadvisor






Branding has been the number one thought from the jet go.  Even the name EbiNomi was carefully selected.  It is a made-up word to ensure exclusivity and originality.


This allowed us to secure the domain EbiNomi.com which facilitates effective SEO without having to fight or pay for it.


Anyone who googles "Ebinomi" from any country in the world, in any language, will be brought directly to our website (first, second and third pages).  As with all the other search engines as well.  This is perpetual so it is priceless.


Our logo is clean, yet distinctive, for brand recognition.






Brand Exposures

A small samples of KOLs who had champion EbiNomi....








Brand recognition

Recently our founder was pleasantly surprised when several JAL flight attendants paged him to chat when they saw his "@ebinomi.com" email address













Core principles of EbiNomi




Great tasting foods

We are absolute about each and every dish we offer is the best that they can be.  They must meet our high standards so we don't offer anything mediocre and below.




Simple foods

The best foods are often simple. 


Despite reviews that put us on par with some of the finest restaurants in Hawaii, we are not and do not aspire to be a fine-dining establishment so we stay away from dishes that require exotic ingredients and complicated cooking methods.  We offer simple dishes - but we do them well.  This is our motto.





Chef-less operation


We employ a lot of young people


In as much as our recipes and cooking methods originated from chefs and industry experts, our operation does not rely on a "chef" for day-to-day operations.


This means easy and quick training time to get onboard - anyone capable to learn and adhere to set procedures will make a good kitchen staff for EbiNomi.  Prior restaurant experience not necessary.






Recipe and procedural based system

Our set recipes and procedures ensures high quality results and consistency.  Whether it is Waikiki, Tokyo, or Paris, our dishes would taste the same.


All fried items are controlled by timers




Staff optimization

Simple and quick cooking procedures means labor efficiency.  For a smaller shop we only need 2 cooks and 1 cashier to handle a typical shift.  Perhaps an extra cook and a cashier for a busy day for a total of 5.




High quality and wholesome ingredients

We use high quality, but commonly available ingredients for all our dishes. We use a minimum of processed-based products and our customers notice and appreciate the difference.  We keep COG at below 30%.




Tried and tested SOP

(Standard Operating Procedures)

Our SOP was developed from 3 years ago but under continuous refinements since.  What we have today is an efficient system that has been time tested.  Management of the eatery is routine, simple, relatively fool-proof, and not labor intensive.


Keeping current with stock levels is simple with a good system in place




Backoffice systems


We have a system in place to continuously track the pricing for each and every item procured to make wise shopping strategy for best cost control.


Tight inventory and cost control is paramount to the profitability of any company.



5G technology

We make full use of technologies available today for the management of the shop.


Monitoring operation is a clinch with webcams




Showing 5 of the 9 monitors in use in the Waikiki shop


Digital signage is used for menu boards and advertising allow remote and real time updating of information





Remote control of devices to take care of occasional problems from anywhere with wifi.









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