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Of course our menu lineup is based on perceived demands, but there is a back story to almost everything we chose to offer on our menu.... 



The Prime Rib is a new addition to our menu but it is nothing new to us.  Our chef has been slow roasting prime ribs for over 20 years and the process has now been improved to perfection.



"Best prime rib in Waikiki...."

                   (Eugene Tsuji, customer)



  The magic starts with top quality beef.  We use USDA Prime grade beef which has the best marbling and taste.  No cooking technique in the world can make a good prime rib if the meat is crap.  
  First we trim off the excess fat.  The trimmed fat is then rendered to bake the Yorkshire puddings.  
  Then we season the beef for 24 hours prior to roasting with a rub based on a secret formula.  
  The beef is then slow-roasted based on a proprietary method and reverse-seared for a beautiful crust.  
  The result is a perfectly cooked, almost edge-to edge medium-rare prime rib eye roast.  
  Compared to prime ribs in other restaurants where you would get a graduation of doneness.  
  On Sundays, as a bonus, we also bake fresh Yorkshire puddings to go with the prime ribs for a proper Sunday roast.  




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