This is not a page easily accessible so if you are here then you must be genuinely curious about us and/or the dishes.


Of course our menu lineup is based on perceived demands, but there is a back story to almost everything we chose to offer on our menu.... 




F     R     I    E     D           F     O     O     D















Most of our fried foods have Japanese roots because the program is guided by our Japanese partner Macy Yamamoto.  Macy's family has been in the restaurant business in Japan for decades.  In fact Macy's cousin is a Michelin starred kaiseki-ryōri chef who had collaborated and developed recipes and cooking procedures for EbiNomi's Japanese dishes.


On fried food, one thing EbiNomi pays a lot of attention to (that most restaurants neglect) is the fry oil.  We use a proprietary formula of oil mix which delivers crispy fried food that is not greasy. 






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