We don't think we need to "sell" Hawaii.  If you like diversity, the sun, water, mild climate all year round, Hawaii is a wonderful place to live.


That is why we are here - to run a business that is located in a place that is as close to paradise as it gets.


Can't afford to just move here to enjoy life?  How about getting a job in paradise?  We are hiring from all over the world.  So long as you are legally entitled to work in the US, we will consider you.


This page is to answer some questions you may have.



First please check this out:




Would local applicants be given preferential consideration over out-of-state applicants?


No.  So long as you fit what we are looking for, legally allowed to work in the US, and have a place to stay, we will consider you along with other applicants.



Are we looking for permanent or transient employees?


Our first choice is to hire good employees who will stay and grow with us.  But if you intention is come live in Hawaii for say, 6 months or a year, like a working vacation, we are ok with that too.



"A place to stay", isn't that the biggest obstacle?


True.  Accommodation can be expensive here.  Do you have any friends or relatives who can put you up?  Do you have any friends who also want to come work/live in Hawaii so you can maybe share a flat?



Isn't the cost of living very high in Hawaii?


Yes and no.  Eating out can be expensive.  But Costco, Walmart, Target, Ross are all here so living here can be affordable.


Also, you are working in an eatery.  Your meals are free when you work so at least 50% of your meals are taken care of.


The sun, water, and beautiful weather are all free.



How do I get around? 

Can I bring my car?


Certainly this is an option if you wish to ship your car here.  But people get around well with public transportation, bicycles and mopeds.  The bus system in Honolulu is OK.



Is there a contract? 

Am I obligated to work there if I find out it is not for me?


Yes, there is a simple contract that protects your rights and ours, but no we are not looking for slaves.  Naturally we hope that you would enjoy working for us once you start but there is nothing to stop you from taking on a better opportunity.  We only want happy employees.



What are some "MUST"s?


  1. Legally allowed to work in the US.

  2. Do you have a smart phone and are you able to communicate by texts?  SMS? WhatsApp? WeChat? Line?  (we rely on texts for communication so you are at a big disadvantage if you are not up to speed with current technology)

  3. Non-drug user


What qualities are we looking for? 

What would place me on top of the pile for selection?


For front-of-house staff:

  1. Do you speak Japanese? (We are in a tourist area and a good % of our clients are Japanese)

  2. Are you a people person? 

  3. Are you presentable?  Would customers like you?

For kitchen staff:

  1. What experience do you have in cooking?

  2. Can you follow recipes well?

  3. Are you a tidy person?  (our kitchen has to be immaculate)

  4. Can you handle pressure when we are busy?


Are we looking for full or part-time?


We are hiring both full and part time.  You tell us your preference and availability.



I am interested!  What do I do?


Please click HERE.


Attach your resume if you have one, if not, just introduce yourself to us and let's have a dialogue.  Just tell us what we should know about you.  Attach a picture of yourself because customer appeal is important, and we want to remember who is who.


If you wish to do a quick introduction video of yourself from your smart phone, please do NOT send it in the email because the file may be too large.  Please upload it on YouTube and send us the link. 



Is there an application form?


Please click HERE.



How are interviews conducted?


Once the screening is done, you will be contacted.  We have agents in various locations in the US so you may be asked to do an in-person interview or a tele-conference using your smart phone.



What "future" do I have with your company?


EbiNomi is one concept of many under SKE, our parent company.  SKE plans to launch different new and creative eatery concepts in the near years.  Your future is only limited by your dedication and contribution to the company, and we will make sure that no one is overlooked.









Some Q&A for those of you who want to know more about EbiNomi....


What type of 'cuisine' are we? 

Japanese?  Chinese?


Being Hawaiian means the Aloha spirit which means "cross-culture" so we see ourselves as Hawaiian cuisine if we have to be pigeon holed.  In reality our recipes are inspired by the menus of the world - unrestricted by cultures nor borders.



If we are not a Japanese restaurant

why do we have a Japanese name?


Our intent from the start to do a handful of "really good" dishes regardless of its origin or ethnicity.  So we ended up with an international menu.  One of our partners is Japanese and she came up with 'EbiNomi' and so here we are.



Why shrimps?


Shrimps and shrimp farms are things Oahu is known for.  We hear of tourists and locals alike taking the one-hour drive to North Shore to eat shrimps at the shrimp trucks.  So we thought, why not in Waikiki?  Perhaps we can do as good a job, if not better, than our brothers and sisters on the North Shore?  With a more spacious, properly equipped and sanitized kitchen?



Do we really serve nothing but shrimps?


No.  We are good with other dishes besides shrimps but shrimp dishes are our focus.


We also understand that our shrimp lover fans may come with friends who may not be shrimp lovers or perhaps allergic to shrimps, so even though we are named EbiNomi, we will have at least one 'non-shrimp' dish prepared - equally well and delicious.



Are we a dine-in restaurant? 


Our pilot store in Waikiki will primarily be a 'take-out' restaurant, but we are located in a nice shaded courtyard where there will be picnic tables and chairs for our guests. 



Our goal is to provide as much value as possible so we put our resources in the food rather than a fancy dining room.  Hawaii has such nice weather year-round so enjoying shrimps in a nature setting is a wonderful experience.



Who is our chef?


We don't have only ONE chef.  The different dishes we offer are from recipes developed by a panel of foodies whose passion is to travel around the world and experience different cuisines.  We have been collecting recipes for years, we would take the recipes into our test kitchen to refine them for a commercial operation.


Macy Yamamoto training in Blue Elephant of Bangkok, Thailand



Are we "fast food"?


If "fast food" is defined as "easily prepared processed food served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal or to be taken away", then we are not.


We use wholesome ingredients and as little processed stuff as possible.  We do cook the shrimps fast because shrimps are not something that need a long time to cook.



Are we owned by Google? Starbucks? 

Amazon?  Monsanto? the CIA?


No.  Not yet anyway.  So come and visit us before we get swallowed up by the evil-doers of the world.


Our parent company SKE is made up of a number of professionals in industries other than "food".  But one thing we have in common is the love of food and the principle of providing our guests with quality and value.









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