the "C.H."

(Company House)


This is C.H. - our company house in Honolulu.  It is a 5-bedroom home and we are making 3 bedrooms available for staff housing to house up to a maximum of 6 employees (2 per room) in a dormitory/hostel style arrangement.  Portion of the home is used as our company office.


The cost is $300 per month per member.





The house is conveniently located close to the Waikiki pilot store.


Walk: 24 minutes along a nice canal

Bicycle: 7 minutes

Bus: 12 minutes ride.


It is all FLAT terrain between C.H. and work.  Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, hoverboards are all probable means of transport.  You do not need a car. 



2 short blocks from the company house is Kapahulu Avenue with many eateries and services.


This is the Rainbow Drive-In, an eatery known for decent and inexpensive food.

Up the street on Kapahulu, within walking distance, there are many more eateries and restaurants with names familiar to you: Zippy's, Papa John's, Starbucks, Jack in the Box, KFC, Taco Bell, Safeway, and the famous Leonard's.  A tourist's mecca.



* * *   I N S I D E   T H E   H O M E   * * *



Kitchen use


You are welcomed to use all the cooking utensils and all  kitchen appliances shown on this picture plus: toaster convection oven, coffee maker, juicer etc.


  Guest room  
    Guest room





Consumables: toilet paper, hand soap, standard shampoo and body soap (Costco grade) will be provided.


2 towels will be provided for each member.


Staff Bathroom





Detergent and bleach will be available.



Broadband internet


We will provide hi-speed internet via a wi-fi network




Realistic expectations


  • Please understand that this is a perk offered by the company to facilitate out-of-state employees, this is not a hotel, nor a bed and breakfast.

  • You will be living with a number of co-workers, some of whom may be your supervisors at work (the worse thing about this - you cannot pretend to be sick when you are not)

  • We do not want to run your life but will need to have reasonable house rules everyone has to abide by for the benefits of all the members.

  • We understand that everyone has needs for privacy and will respect yours as much as possible (for example we will not knock on your door when it is closed.... unless the house is on fire)

  • A good employee is a happy employee.  Our goal is to keep everyone happy - enjoy working, and enjoy when not working.

* * * Detailed House Rules will be posted at a later day  * * *










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